iMission exists to assist national partnerships in developing nations to increase their financial capacity through equity growth in properties and revenue-generating assets. The goal of this equity-based capacity is to inspire and enable national churches to become active senders and enablers of mission workers at home and abroad.


Through the work of global mission, New Testament churches have been planted in many countries. As believers and churches mature, local leadership is emerging subject to the same inspired Scripture, led by the same Holy Spirit, under the same Lordship of Jesus Christ with the same Great Commission. The biblical foundation for iMission is a simple understanding that Scripture applies to all believers, each with their own gifts, according to the grace given to us.


Traditional mission paradigms are now under scrutiny as the global workforce of available mission workers draws from every tribe, language, people group and nation. In this new mission paradigm, churches in developing nations are emerging as contributors to the global mission movement. Nevertheless, many emerging mission partners continue to experience dependencies. This can be attributed to traditional structures, colonial mindsets, and economic realities. 


A dependence mentality often leads developing nations to become overly reliant on external aid instead of developing their own domestic resources or capabilities. The same mentality is also often seen in churches. However, the cure to countering a church's dependence mentality isn't necessarily the opposite of dependence: independence. Independence often correlates with affluence and financial freedom, but that is not the reality experienced by the majority world. Extreme independence has its upsides, but often comes with downsides such as diminishing personal connections.


The iMission vision is to create a formal process and provide a platform where partners bring their resources, projects or needs to the table. Without limiting the scope of opportunity, the initial focus is limited to the following areas of interdependence:

  1. Syndicated Mission Lending
    iMission serves as a coordinator, lead arranger and book runner for syndicated asset-backed mission lending, providing project funding through grants and loans for business for mission, construction, and property loans.

  2. Business for Mission
    iMission seeks to develop a mentor panel of Christian professionals who will assist pro-bono or against a fee in the planning and realization of business for mission projects, that are being initiated through national churches or para-church groups in the developing world.

Gospel Partners of iMission are locally incorporated Mission Service Organisations which support and encourage local mission workers. Gospel Partners pursue partnerships between iMission, local church support and the individual worker. The shared responsibility keeps all parties engaged and accountable, while also ensuring ongoing, sustainable and locally effective full-time mission work.